Shared Joy is Twice the Joy, Shared Pain is Half the Pain

About Me

Wouldn’t it be nice if I could be boiled down into a simple, concise sentence? Or even a paragraph? Basically, I’m an inquisitive, passionate, and sometimes lazy student at Tufts University, where I’m taking a bunch of classes, but studying the world.

Insert Appropriate Quote That Summarizes My Views About The World

Too bad such a quote doesn’t exist. “Not all those who wander are lost” comes pretty close, but I’m not sure I’m a wanderer. An explorer, yes. An adventurer, certainly. But I am never aimless; even when I am doing nothing of apparent substance, I am always pondering, observing, questioning. Learning.

At this moment, I’m coming off an amazing nine months in Prague, the Czech Republic. But I’ve also just started a new internship for the summer at KQED’s Forum in San Francisco, and I’m looking forward to my Senior year back in Boston. Life is certainly full of possibilities!

My formative years were spent surrounded by people encouraging me to ask the questions, make the connections, approach the unapproachable, do the impossible. Where journaling was encouraged, considering implications of my own and others’ actions was required, and empathy was nurtured. They taught me to love and appreciate the world around me, whether that world is my thoughts, my nation, or my universe.  They showed me that shared joy is twice the joy.


2 responses

  1. I really enjoyed your travel stories. I feel like we’re actually there with you the way you relive your experiences.

    Looking forward to more of your adventures. Cheers!

    August 31, 2013 at 12:12 am

  2. youngandtwenty

    I like the ‘not all that wander are lost’ quote.

    May 29, 2014 at 3:17 pm

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