Shared Joy is Twice the Joy, Shared Pain is Half the Pain

Big Sur Camping

Mom and I took a day to go camping over the weekend. Which basically means we threw a bunch of stuff in the car, drove off, played, and came home.

For starters, proof we went camping:

My trusty umbrella came along for the ride, and was almost, but fortunately not actually, necessary. As evening fell, the kids next door were being suuuuper loud and yelling at each other, so I distracted them with a collective assignment: what’s the coolest picture we can take with my camera and your glow sticks? I particularly liked the heart:

As the weekend progressed, Mom and I went on a couple short hikes, along paths with poison oak taller than me on both sides, but beautiful destinations. We ended up at a beach, where we watched Brown Pelicans dive bombing for fish, and dolphins frolicking.

DSC_0289We continued driving northward, and stopped at Pt. Lobos, where we discovered a brand new but fantastic tidepooling, with tons of crabs. If anyone can explain to me the clicking noise crabs make with their mouths, I’d really appreciate it. (I’m not talking about the clicking of their claws opening and closing, or of them skittering across rocks – little bubbles coming from their mouth accompanied by sounds that resemble very very very tiny pieces of glass being crushed.)

Finally, if anyone remembers this post from last week, the photo was of a dead jellyfish being eaten by a crab:





Comments? Coincidences? Sound off!

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