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No Posts … Sorry

Hi everyone!

We are entering the thrall of finals season, which for me this semester means write-the-final-papers season! My sincerest apologies for not having posted in … a week? … but I’ve been frantically typing away – approximately 25 single spaced pages of academic, research-based text has been written since I got back from Italy Sunday night. (It works out to about one page every two hours, if we ignore sleeping, eating, showering time as well as class time and that Czech show I went to last night.)

Needless to say, my fingers are a bit tired, and I’ve got a bunch of papers left to go.

I promise posts are coming, though! Hopefully a Czech post on Thursday (I know, I know, I missed last week…). And sometime next week hopefully, posts about my trip last weekend to Italy and about my upcoming trip to Malta. With pictures!

And after that is the whirlwind of last minute experiences in Prague before I head back to Boston to spend a week with friends, and to set up our house, and then back home to family, friends, and fresh fruit!


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