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Simply a Spring Day

I made the decision months ago to stay in Prague this weekend. I knew it would be the week after midterms, and I expected to have a good number of tests. I figured I would take the weekend to relax, not feel like I had to get up in the morning, go anywhere, or see anything specific. Once I realized I wasn’t going to have many exams, I figured I would stay home and get cracking on the number of essays I have due by the end of the semester, especially since I’ve already planned to be traveling two of the last three weekends. And, I secretly hoped that the weather would be nice and that I would be able to just chill out, enjoy the weather, and enjoy living in Prague.

The weather this weekend has certainly been nice, and so enjoying the weather and the city is exactly what I’ve done.

Take today, for example. I started my day by not setting an alarm. Admittedly, I still woke up before 8am, but with nothing to do and nowhere to be, I spent two hours lounging in bed, reading my book. I got up, leisurely made eggs for breakfast, and wandered into the city to meet up with Holly.

Every Saturday, during the spring, summer, and fall, there is a huge farmer’s market at Vyton, the very tram stop I visit every day on my way to school. Since it re-opened at the beginning of March, Holly and I decided to check it out.

A quick note about farmer’s markets in Prague: they are very different from farmer’s markets in California. In California, where basically every fruit under the sun is grown, farmer’s markets are basically produce markets. The farmer’s market near my house, for example, almost always has half a dozen different stalls selling strawberries, and almost as many selling peaches or apricots. Farmer’s markets in Prague, on the other hand, feature fish, bread, and cheese. Not to say that I don’t love fish, bread, and cheese, but sometimes I just want produce:

Even if it wasn’t quite what we – both of us being California girls – expected, it was a fun noon-time trip. We got some coffee, some carrot cake, and enjoyed a mini-picnic on the river.

The day was too beautiful to waste, and we knew we needed to stay outside. So we took a short walk to Kampa, the famous island park in the middle of the Vltava, not far from the National Theater. We snatched ourselves a spot of beautiful green grass, picked a This American Life podcast, and settled in to enjoy the sunlight. And the paddleboats.

Three hours later, we stopped at the grocery store to grab the produce the farmer’s market was missing. And then, loaded up with greens and reds and oranges and yellows (and a couple of beers), we hopped on the tram to my place. Two California girls, in addition to loving their fruit, have some good experience with Mexican food. Within just a few minutes, the avocadoes became guacamole, and the lettuce and tortilla chips the base for taco salad. And not long after that, it was pretty much all gone.

All in all, quite a successful spring day. Warm, beautiful, filled with friends and food. But I wasn’t done with my day. After such a beautiful day, the evening was still warm. So I dropped Holly off on the tram home, and changed into shorts and a sports bra. Giving myself time to digest my *giant* dinner while I washed the dishes and cleaned the kitchen, I decided to end my day with a run.


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