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One thing that is seriously great about this weekend being the first weekend that everyone else in the program is in Prague is that everyone wants to explore. For the most part, people are hitting the clubs hard at night and sleeping in late during the day, but there are a few who want to see the city by day too. Since this is how I like the city best (you know, visible…), these are the people I spend my time with.

The problem with this being everyone’s first weekend in Prague is that they want to see the things I’ve already visited. For the most part, multiple times.

Fortunately, though, I found a friend today who wanted to see the city unlike a normal tourist; Ashten and I met before dawn this morning to walk across the Charles Bridge when there weren’t any people (except the occasional photographer), and then walked around all day. Even though we visited places I’ve already been, we always took the direction less traveled. So, even when we were going from Prague Castle to Charles Bridge, we took a path I’ve never taken, which included skinny staircases and abandoned alleyways, one of which was guarded by Winston Churchill.


But it also included the Church of St. Nicholas, which is really famous but I’ve never visited before, and the original Senate hall at Valdštejn Palace, which is also really famous but I’ve also never visited before (and today it was free!). And the reality of walking out of a “sketchy” passageway to find the only statue of a Rabbi that exists.

Our path to the Lennon Wall took us via the lock bridge (normal) and a garden with peacocks (less normal). I brought my camera with me, with my new zoom lens, so I took a lot of pictures. But it has been a REALLY long time since I posted pictures on this here blog, so enjoy!


One response

  1. Ann Rounds

    We loved the pictures and remember well our walk through back streets and alleys from the castle to the bridge. Also loved the keyhole picture.

    February 1, 2014 at 4:46 pm

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