Shared Joy is Twice the Joy, Shared Pain is Half the Pain

Ready, Set, Round Two!

Today’s the day.

The day, that is, that I’d be arriving if I was only here for the Spring Semester. The day that the friends I will be making over the next four months are arriving in this wonderful city I’m currently calling home.

But today’s also the day that I wandered around (once again) and found another new spot.

On my way from my internship at Amnesty International to the library, where I am supposed to be studying for my math final on Wednesday, I decided to walk instead of taking the tram two stops. And, instead of walking down the main streets, I turned right onto a side street. And then into one of the many passages filled with cafes and stores that can be found all over old Prague. And then, when that passage pretty much dead-ended, I followed the people in front of me into a beautiful, snow-covered park consisting of benches and trees and a maze of waist-high bushes. Which I’ve never seen before, but cannot wait to see in the spring. And then I aimlessly wandered through alleyway after alleyway, passing dozens of intriguing-looking cafes on my way to my destination.

It both amazes and excites me that I can still explore and discover this city just as much as I could when I first showed up here five months ago. It doesn’t surprise me, though, because I’ve known that I’ll be finding as many new and amazing spots with my new and amazing friends this semester as I did last semester.

I just went back and re-read the very first post I wrote after I arrived in Prague, where I learned my colors in Czech, courtesy of Emma. I wrote that post because it was the only thing I could really process. I was in a completely new country, where everyone speaks a completely new language, and was about to try to conquer a completely new way of life.

Now, I could write another anecdote. Another story, about me and Emma on that same bed. I could write about how I cuddled with her and read her a book. About how she still laughs at me when I pronounce something wrong, but how I can make her laugh when I read her the fairytales (pohádky) that she and her brother love so much.

I could write another anecdote, but I’m not going to. Because the next four months will be so full of them. Full of colors with Emma and fairytales with Jachym, full of adventures and explorations all over Prague, the Czech Republic, and Europe in general. And hopefully, full of more pictures…sorry!



Comments? Coincidences? Sound off!

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