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Alessandra takes on Prague

(Originally written 31.10.13)

Alessandra came for a short, two-day visit from Paris last week, and we had a ton of fun. Coincidentally, my only class on Wednesdays was cancelled the Wednesday she was here, so I got to wander around Prague with her all day long, which was a lot of fun. She arrived Monday mid-afternoon, and I picked her up after my class on Monday. Anna and Filip were kind enough to let her stay with us, which I think was more fun for all involved.

Filip was in Russia all week, and Jachym was with his grandma in Moravia, which meant it was just us four girls at home. Alessandra and I spent Monday night in, eating dinner with Anna and Emma and having fun learning to count to 10 in different languages. Alessandra learned Czech, Anna and Alessandra taught German, I taught Japanese, Alessandra taught Italian and French, and I don’t think any of us remember any of the new numbers now. But it was a lot of fun, and a lot of laughing.

I have classes all day Tuesday, so Alessandra was on her own. I gave her my extra metro map and all the tour books/maps/things I have with me but have barely even looked at – I think she’s read more of my guide books than I have now.


But then Tuesday night, we met up with a bunch of friends of mine for a trip to the Jazz Dock, with live music by our new favorite band – the Alice Springs Band. We sat around until after 1 in the morning, listening to live music and generally enjoying each other’s company. I practiced a bit of my Czech with Martina, and we all celebrated Ernie’s birthday. And I can’t forget to mention Alyssa’s kick-ass Hot Lime in the Coconut cocktail, which we collectively decided tasted like Thai food in a drink. (It was pretty freaking amazing!) Wednesday was day two of touristing for Alessandra (and me!). We visited Wenceslas Square, the Dancing House, walked along the river, and had some typically wonderful Czech cafe food. (Shout-out to Cafe Slavia!)

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We finished off the day with a walk around Petrin Hill, which was absolutely gorgeous. The weather these past two weeks has been the epitomy of Indian Summer – t-shirts and skirts in the end of October! And Wednesday was no different. Alessandra and I took a leisurely stroll through the park and got some awesome views of the city. And took a moment to have a fabulous pastry and a box of wonderful fruits.

David Cerny installed a new work of art on the river this week, in honor of the elections. Apparently he doesn’t approve of the government. (Its hard to see, but he installed a giant floating purple hand sticking up its middle finger at the castle.)


As you can see, a purple giant living in the river is flipping off the castle. I don’t think David Cerny is a fan of Milos Zeman. But then neither is the rest of the country, apparently.

She was off in the evening, while I met up with Molly and Alyssa to finish planning our upcoming trip to Turkey. And I’ll have to plan a reciprocal trip to Paris sometime soon!

One response

  1. Alessandra

    I still remember how to count to 10 in Czech!!! I just checked! I’m actually really surprised and impressed with myself, considering that I hadn’t even thought about it in a few weeks.
    And thanks for reminding me what a wonderful trip that was. I think it might be my favorite touristic trips this year. 🙂

    November 21, 2013 at 10:32 am

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