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The Commute

If you haven’t figured out that I’m in a homestay by now, well… yeah. Its definitely a good thing and a bad thing, in different ways and for different reasons. There are some really amazing things – I get to go places with them that I would never be able to do without a family, like mushroom hunting or our upcoming trip to a Moravian wine festival. But there are also things that are much harder because I’m living with a family.

I’m farther away from school than everyone (literally everyone) else – all the homestay students are relatively far away, and my flat is the farthest away of all the homestays. To get to the CIEE study center, it takes about 45 minutes and either two trams or a tram and two metro lines. Plus a walk. Conversely, students in apartments have about a 15 minute commute, and students in the dorms have a 5 minute walk.

This afternoon, after classes, our Czech professor took us to an outdoor trh (market), and then to a sýr obchod (cheese store). We left from Všehrad, which is where our classes are, and each stop we made, continued traveling away from where I live. By the time we parted ways, we were about ten minutes from everyone else’s house and over an hour from mine.

It’s hard to see on this map, but the same map can be found here, on the Prague Metro website. Like I said, we have the majority of our classes at Vyšehrad, which is one of the oldest castles in the city. Our school is pretty sweet. We also have classes at the Charles University Faculty of Philosophy, which is housed not far from the Národní Divadlo (National Theater) stop on tramvaj (tram) 17. On the flip side, I live in Řepy, between the Blatiny and Slánská stops at the very end of trams 10, 16, and/or 9. It takes 17-19 minutes to get to Anděl, where I can transfer to the Metro. Being far away definitely makes it harder to out in the evenings with friends, but as I’ve been settling into my routine, and getting to know the transport system in Prague a bit better – it is so much bigger than anywhere in the states that it takes way longer to figure it all out, but the convenience is totally worth it – I’ll probably be staying in the city center to go out with friends, and getting more used to wandering around.


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