Shared Joy is Twice the Joy, Shared Pain is Half the Pain

Knihy = Books

Unsurprisingly, as today was an orientation day, it was long and boring. We sat in one room from 10am to almost 5pm, while different CIEE staff members came in and told us the most important things, like how to not get lost on the trams and where the best hospital in the city is. A few were useful, and many were merely common sense. But they were all important to go over. The last event on today’s agenda was a trip down the Vltava River on a boat with everyone involved in the program, including the staff, students, and host families. I got to hang out with my host family, and I learned some random words based on things we saw off the river, including most (bridge), labut’ (swan, pronounced la-buch), kachna (duck), and bezdomovec (homeless person).

Once we got home, I gave my host family the gifts I brought with me. I brought a bottle of wine from Napa Valley (you were right, Mom. The name impressed.), and two books for the kids: Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? for Emma and Goodnight Moon for Jachym. Hence the title of this post – knihy (kniha is book, singular). Emma immediately wanted to read her book, which included lots of repetition, since she wants to learn English as much as I want to learn Czech. I have a suspicion Emma will want to read it a lot, which is good. I’m going to take more time next time to read it slowly, asking her what the Czech would be. I asked Anna how to say “What do you see,” which is co vidíš, and is pronounced “tso vidiish.” But I want to learn the names of the animals, and practice my colors.

After the kids took their shower, we read Goodnight Moon, but by ourselves. I’d like to think that, by pointing at the appropriate items, they understood at least a little bit. But in reality, they probably didn’t. As they went to bed, they said dobrou noc (nots), so now I know that part of the story, at least. I’ll work on the nouns, and maybe soon I’ll know “mittens,” “moon,” and “mush.”


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