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SSC: Bucket List

So… everyone has a bucket list, and if you don’t, we’ll wait while you go write yours. I certainly have one, with everything from travelling to jumping out of planes to reading and watching Shakespeare on it. But a bucket list isn’t much fun unless you work on checking things off of it, so that’s what I did.

One of the more random things on my bucket list is to go skinny dipping. I’ve always felt like it would be a lot of fun, and that I’d need to be a little bit daring to actually go through with it. Or that I’d be chilling with a bunch of really good friends. Or I’d be incredibly drunk. Or some combination thereof, which (unsurprisingly) is the most realistic description. (Dear Mom and Dad, I promise I was not incredibly drunk. Nor was I sort of drunk. It was, after all, at least five hours after the Munchkin Patch Social.)

The last night of camp comes with “Teen D,” known more formally as “The Teen Dance.” It is commonly frequented by the Suaves (13-14 yrs), the Teens (15-18 yrs), and the Staph. As our group is all 18-20 yrs, and thus between the ages of the Teens and the Staph, there was no way we were missing the 45 minutes of jumping up and down in crazy costumes to the loudest music camp hears outside of Disco Bingo. And, being the same age as the Staph, we were surrounded by people our age, happy to go crazy with all the people we’d gotten to know over the week.

Camp traditions, which run stronger than ever, includes jumping in the lake at every opportunity, including after Teen D. Unlike most other situations, when the counselors jump/are thrown in the lake accompanied by chants of “In the lake! In the lake!”, post-Teen D lake jumping is limited to campers, and mostly the older ones. But traditions run even stronger than that, most of the younger kids go straight to the lake to jump; we took our time, saying goodbye to counselors we knew wouldn’t be available in the morning.

By the time we got to the boat dock, the Teens were in and out, teasing us about being late and missing the party. Little did they know… Obviously, this particular event comes without a photo, as it was dark outside and we were nude, wet, and really cold.

I always thought I’d go skinny dipping in the mid-afternoon in a little river in the middle of the woods while I was on some long, multi-day backpack with one other person. I think I like the cloak of night with half a dozen good friends better. Where we were all a little hyper, a little loud, and having good fun. Where we had no flashlights, and thus a lot of “where are my clothes?!” upon climbing out of the lake. It was good fun to finish the last day of camp the same way we started it – with the Plunge. And a photograph after we were dressed seemed appropriate, though cold and rushed and on a disposable film camera:


Maybe I’ll go skinny dipping again someday, and maybe not. But it will be great to have another wonderful memory of fun times and good friends at SSC.


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