Shared Joy is Twice the Joy, Shared Pain is Half the Pain


I’ve spent the last two weeks studying biology. Literally. I’m not kidding. I spend eight hours a day reading about biology, watching videos about biology, answering questions about biology.

If you don’t know me, you don’t understand why this is a big deal.

I. Hate. Biology.

Or at least, I did. Now, after two weeks of studying homeostasis and the nervous system and the pituitary gland, I don’t really mind it. Its actually pretty interesting. The human body is truly incredible, and I don’t really mind learning some new facts. That said, there is no way I’m switching to a bio major here. I’ll take the intuitive beauty of chemistry or  incredible physics equations over biology definitions every day. And, even though I’ll admit to some strange beauty pulsing around us, I’d like everyone to know I did not choose to learn about biology. The nuclear physics course, yes; but not biology.

I got a job! I’m working for this awesome company called CK-12, and I got hired as a Science Content Intern. Now one might expect that they would have hired a Chemical Physics major to work on chemistry, or physics, but one might be wrong. I spent the past two weeks editing Advanced Biology Anatomy and Physiology, and starting today have been working on collating the glossary. (I heard that, and was like “great. Aimless definitions eight hours a day…” But I actually like it more than working on the text, because I get the information without having to a) make sure its accurate, because someone else has already done that or b) make sure it makes sense, because glossaries are just lists of definitions. I get the interesting information without having to make sure it appeals to someone else too!).

They’re still promising to switch me to Physics eventually, but for now I’m content learning about carrier proteins and sodium/potassium pumps.


Comments? Coincidences? Sound off!

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