Shared Joy is Twice the Joy, Shared Pain is Half the Pain


Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I like the six papers/essays/lab reports totaling approximately 40 pages I have to write in the next twelve days. Or the twenty minute one-on-one “not a test” conversation [1]. Or the three written finals, and the presentation, and the… I think I’ll stop now.

Even with all that stress hovering over me, I am so incredibly excited that this semester is almost over. I love Tufts, I love all the people here, I love being here. But I am ready to be home. To see my little brother and my parents and my neighbors and their dog. To buy fruit at the farmers’ market. [2] To see my friends and teachers back at home, to sleep again in my blue-walled room, to shower in a bathroom with actual light.

I’m going to miss sporcling at the corner table, and random existential conversations over dinner. [3] I’ll certainly miss everything everywhere proclaiming “Boston Strong,” and the well-kept lawns. [4] I’ve got twelve days left until I finish my finals, sixteen until I’m heading home, and I’ve probably got at least two dozen events/presentations/shows/who-knows-whats I want to go to before then. I’ll miss that – always having something to do. Although its looking more and more like I’ll be in the same position when I get home.

More than anything, I’m looking forward to my ritualistic “I just got home” traditions. I’ve only “just got home” a few times, but it seems like I’ll spend the day reading, and we’ll all have dinner at the top of the hill. I’ve got to stop in next door to summarize the year before the neighbors head off to Europe, and there’s the regular trip back to high school to say hi to all my old teachers. Its all of this that I’m really looking forward to, I think.

Not an absence of business, nor an absence of busyness. Not having less to do, but having fewer things I have to do. That, I believe, is key.

Regardless, I’m going to miss school the second my plane takes off, but I’m ready to go home. Its going to be a long two weeks and two days, but I’m so close to being done that I can already smell the Half Moon Bay salt and taste the sweet backyard strawberries. I can hear the Makers Faire, and smell the food trucks. For the first time in two years (excluding a week here, or a week there), I’m coming home!

1. 会話試験. It literally means “Conversation test” How is this NOT a test? Also, when combined with the final, it counts for 25% of my grade. But its not a test.
2. To eat fruit that isn’t oranges, bananas, or apples….
3. Or on the lawn…or the bus…or anywhere, really.
4. I had lunch with a Harvard professor the other day. She admitted that our quads are better than Harvard Yard because we have better grass, and we’re allowed to actually walk on it. Also, we’re allowed to ride bikes across the quad (though nobody does, really).


Comments? Coincidences? Sound off!

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