Shared Joy is Twice the Joy, Shared Pain is Half the Pain

Holi: A Festival of Color

Every February to May (approximately), my favorite season is spring. The beautiful colors of flowers poking their colorful petals out, the wonderful blue of the sky. The sudden appearance of brightly colored shorts and pants, the necessity for my cutest sunglasses. Today, Tufts celebrated Holi, and I got to take lots of pictures with my new camera!! For anyone who doesn’t know, Holi is the Indian (originally Hindu, now more secular) celebration of color and springtime. Seems appropriate, seeing as I love spring for its colors. Enjoy!

I think the best part of today was that everyone (literally, everyone) was smiling ear to ear. Non-stop smiles everywhere I looked. People running around like little kids, chucking colored sand at their friends, laughing, giggling. It was absolutely wonderful; the best day I could’ve asked for, especially after the stressful week we’ve had. Enjoy the little things in life and spread them!

Comments? Coincidences? Sound off!

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