Shared Joy is Twice the Joy, Shared Pain is Half the Pain

The Bucket List

One of the first items on my bucket list: fill up my passport before it expires. To some people, thats crazy; to others, it happens every time. But this year is the year that I’m going to start on the process in earnest. I got my passport in September 2011, and its got two stamps in it already (Australia, of course 😉 ), but I’ve got grand plans for the coming year. Mom and I are off to Iceland in just a few short weeks, and I’m heading to Prague in September. Plus, a friend and I are already planning a trip to Cambodia and Thailand next January, so this passport is certainly going to see the world! It seems to me that I can work hard now, save my money, and spend it all traveling when I’m older, OR I can work hard now, and spend my money on traveling now. I like that idea a lot more!

But this blog won’t just be about traveling (although, seeing the world does bring me a lot of joy!). My goal is to update it at least once a week, with a picture or a story to share that made me smile. Because, as I was taught in middle school, shared joy is twice the joy. So why not share my happiness and make the world a better place at the same time? Keep checking in for fun stories, cool ideas, and maybe some philosophical wanderings.

With Love,


One response

  1. Alice

    Ahh Kathy, I’m so excited for you!! I’m not sure when we’ll next see each other, so I’m asking: why Iceland/Cambodia-Thailand? I assume Prague is a study abroad, but I’ll just ask here so I’m not spammed with FB comments X]

    March 1, 2013 at 4:12 pm

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